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Hi All

First I am a total newbie to the whole Pascal Programming thing , but iam here to learn and move forward ,i hope i get some help from you guys..

so i write a script that shows what i want its supposed to do,

but i know that it dont work that way , but with a lil help from you it may work sooner or later...

now for a lil explanation what this script is supposed to do ,

iam using a software that works as a bridge between a online roulette game
where you can write roulette systems in pascal language and then it executes this script and works like a betting robot ,

i allready wrote a working script , but now i want to write a more complex
system/script with arrays and that is where i would really need help.

the software has allready built in action commands for example : click_spin(); {clicks the spin button in the roulette window}

and alot more , things that you would manually do by clicking the buttons in the roulette window and placing bets etc...

i allready have a procedure that tells me wich number is wich dozen
for example this is the first dozen function:

[code]function is_first_dozen(number:integer):boolean;
first_dozen_numbers := [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12];


for k:=0 to 11 do
if number=first_dozen_numbers[k] then number_is_from_first_dozen:=true;

end; [/code]

now i will write a code that is just written with what i know or dont know
but i think its just good for you to see what i want that the script is doing for me, this code will make you lol , but like i said iam a total newb , so i appreciate every help.. thnx in advance

here we go:

this script is supposed to play this system :

it should recognize what number is landed and in wich dozen it belongs
for example last landed number was 8 its in first dozen
i allready have this code and it works like you see above...

but now i want that it saves this information in an array ,that the last landed dozen was the first dozen(a)

and then spins the wheel again if the next number would be 28 in the third dozen(c) , it should know have saved two informations(a,c) in an array..

and with this information it should make another spin , now if the next spin should be one of those saved dozen(a or c) we should have another information.

and that would be that if we had bet on both dozen(a+c) we would have a win (W)

and this information (W) should be stored also but in a different array

if the spin would have been the second dozen(b) we would have lost the bet
and the outcome would be this (L) ,also the pre saved dozen change into the last landed dozen and the one before like this (c,b)

and then it does the same again with this information (c,b) bet on c and b
if lost (L) if won (W)..

and this whole procedure of gathering informations should be stored
so that the programm would automaticaly check the LW patterns for the most common pattern and with this pattern info it should place real bets

like if after 100 spins of gathgering info the LW pattern outcome looks like this: LLWWWWLWLWLWWLWWLLLWWLWLWLWWLLWLWL..etc
it should automaticaly recognize the most common pattern and should place bets to our advantage here LLWWWW(LW)(LW)(LW)W(LW)WLLLWW(LW)(LW)(LW)etc.

ok now for the coding part here is what i think gives you a clue of what i have in my mind like i said it makes you LOL.. please help to make this brainchild work....thnx

dozen : array [1..3] of integer ;
dozen[1]:= a
dozen[2]:= b
dozen[3]:= c
for k: 1 to 100 do
if get_last_landed_number():= number_is_from_first_dozen
current_dozen_pattern:= a
if get_last_landed_number():= number_is_from_third_dozen
current_dozen_pattern:= [a,c]
if get_last_landed_number():= a or c
result := W
l_w_pattern:= [W]
if get_last_landed_number(0)
result := L
l_w_pattern:= [L]
if get_last_landed_number(): number_is_from_second_dozen
result := L
current_dozen_pattern:= [c,b]

this is just to give you a clue of what iam thinking of,now i hope i can transform this into a working script with your help.. thnx..

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