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Fullscreen Background Image?

Hi I am building a fullscreen website and i have a image i want to use as the background. The code i am using achieves the fullscreen image effect but the image warps and stretches when i scale the browser.

I need to make the image scale without warping, this is very common in flash sites and a example can be seen here,

Their are allot of people it seems wondering the same thing and nobody has an answer. I don't think it is a hard thing to solve but that people are reluctant to give up the code for this powerful effect.

Any help would be great, Thanks, Gabe.


  • cobalt60cobalt60 Member Posts: 3
  • cobalt60cobalt60 Member Posts: 3
    Is their anybody out their????
  • jonnyhitekjonnyhitek Member Posts: 1
    hi i am exploring this as the moment :

    this will help you it is a script offered at google soruce code can't remember the developers names full details acan be found at their url.

    this will get u along your way.

    i have a quesiton what would be the best practice to reduce file size wen i want to use a background image in flash - min 1024 - 768 then increased with browser window. i have got the actual image down to under a 1mb but wen bought into flash it increases greatly.

    cheers jonathan
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