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Noob question about multiple Checkbox and Group box

GuitarLuciusGuitarLucius Member Posts: 3
Hi there. I'm mainly an embedded systems programmer and have been trying to create an application using VC++ 6.0.

My problem is->
I have a group of check boxes that will run the exact same code when pressed (basically toggle the corresponding relay).
Rather than adding an event handler for each checkbox, Can I just enter one function which will then read which checkbox was changed?
I have similar checkboxes encapsulated in a Group Box if that will help my any (I only added the group box to help the user make sense of the check boxes). Cheers, Lucius

EDIT: it is MFC btw


  • GuitarLuciusGuitarLucius Member Posts: 3
    Nevermind I solved it. I just manual changed the event handler to the same function:
    1) Rightclick Checkbox
    2) Scroll to Events
    3) Add Handler
    4) Input "OnToggleSwitch"
    5) Clicl
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