How to change the colour of the menu?

I have bought a new Image Rating script developped by HotOrNot Clone by Cresoft.The script is working superb in my Application but as being a non-technical person I am not able to change the colour of the menu.Can any one help me?
The script is available here:- ""



  • Colour code is in css but it is generating with Javascript.

    Change this class:
    hitem , hitem hmenuover class in css

    If it doesn't help, check this page;
  • Dear Sir

    There have two language convert colors menu and div layers
    fonts etc

    This is posible through javasript code and CSS cascading style sheet

    javascript can handle html object through
    document.getElementByID("objectid").style.backcolor = "#000066";
    .style is CSS code
    document.getelement .... is javascript code

    I am sending you url for CSS and javascript

    its very helpfull for you but you should have little programming knowledge.
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