html newbie question

I had my html site designed for me several years ago. Here it is: It needs a serious overhaul. Can anyone help with some basic questions. 1st, when I click on a photo, a new window appears when I try to close. Any way to disable this function?
2nd question: How do I center the site? It seems to load in my browser on the left.
thanks a lot


  • In the wedding-photography.html file line 28 contains the following code:
    [code]document.images[i].onmousedown = protect;[/code]
    comment this line out like so:
    [code]//document.images[i].onmousedown = protect;[/code]
    that will stop the pop-ups

    Same file, line 49 reads:
    easy peacy
    better yet
    The last one places the entire page left 100 pixels from where it is and down 100 pixels

    You could even use right in place of left to specify the distance from the right edge of the browser screen or even be more creative by replacing the px with %

    Good Coding

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    -Russ aka DangeRuss
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