Greate Project to Convert Java Class

[u]Great Project Java-to-C++[/u]

What about Converting Java Classes to C++.

Is it worth while?

[u]What is the scope of this project?[/u]

Yes scope of this Project is very Vast. No need of Java Virtual Machines to run the program, no compatibility problems, Get the power of Native Code, Wide range of implementation facility, can promote open source philosophy, etc.

[u]Then why this project is a new one[/u]

This project requires volunteer programmers having sound knowledge in C++ and Java. Some parts of this project requires knowledge in OS dependent APIs.

So Those who want to take challenge and Want to show their inherent capability can contact me at [u][b]vibin_mdcp[/b][/u].

Wishing All success to our Great Java-to-C++;


  • Post moved since job offers are against the C/C++ board posting policies.
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