Greetings my friends! I am AJ and i am new in VB 6.0. I am recently creating an accounting software particularly a trial balance program. I have a problem regarding MSFlexgrid & DataGrid particularly in viewing the data stored in my database. I am using MS Access Database as my storing Warehouse. I can't view the data from my database which i plan to display it in MSFlexGrid & DataGrid using connection string. I don't use data control. So anyone if you know how to view data in database to either the two grid i mention above. Please help me. thanks guys! I look forward to your comment, advice, and ideas.
Thank you!


  • what connection do you used?
    ADODC or DataEvironment?
  • I don't use data controls.... i used connectiong string to connect to my database.. But i already fine ways how to connect it and now i am using my own codes to finished my project. tnx...
    ut if you have any advice, help i am very welcome to listen... tnx
  • if you're using a connection string then set yur datagrid datasource to the recordset where you store the data.

    set Datagrid1.DataSource = RecordSet
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