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Steps to port vxworks into AT91RM9200

Hi everybody,
let me know the procedure/approach to port vxworks into AT91RM9200 board.i am using tornado2.2/vxworks5.5.

Also let me know any materials related to same...i.e any pdf,docs,or any url's.

Thanks & regards,
Manjesh kumar.M


  • embedded007embedded007 Posts: 3Member
    hi, as we know the AT91RM9200 board has a 920t core, so for porting the vxworks bsp for it, you should start with a ready bsp which is also has a 920t core, as I know, there is also such bsp for 920t, you can start from it.

    good luck.

    []embedded technology vxworks and linux[/url]
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