Matlab and touchscreen

Hey all,

First post here! Hope ya'll can help me

my group and i are doing a senior design project.

I am coding in Matlab and am using LABJACK(which is a usb interface that can read and control different analog and digital components....the two components are a potentiometer and a variable pressure relief valve which is controlled by a solenoid.)

so to run our machine we are using our laptops which for the finished project is not acceptable. We want to use a touch screen that can accept code(doesnt have to be matlab but it would be preferred...i can do c too.) and is able to control and read the two components we have.

We will be plugging our device into the wall into a 120v outlet.

my questions are....

what kind of touch screen would we need (thinking about 5") and what type of controller would i need to control the touch screen?

ALso how would i hook up the few components i have to the touchscreen(the potentiometer and the valve).

I hope this is clear and thanks in advance for any info yall can give me




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