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Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback on a specific sound card

cdenglercdengler Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone,

I'm using Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback to play back mp3 files. At the most basic level,

[color=Blue]audioPlayer = Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback.Audio.FromFile(fileToPlay, false);
audioPlayer.Play(); [/color]

The problem is, I want to target this to a specific sound card, or device. I know I can do this using the Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound.DevicesCollection, but if I use the DirectSound library instead of the AudioVideoPlayback, I can't play .mp3 files any longer. Only .wav files.

The question is, is there a way to enumerate and select the sound card I want to target for the AudioVideoPlayback.Audio playback?
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