XSL pop up from SQl table

Is it possible to to show the image from the SQL Database table using XSL?? Like for example..I have an Excel table and put it in the SQL 2008 enterprise. All the data and the image are already in one table. I already done it using excel table to XSL and it's working perfectly.But everytime i am doing this from SQL,it shows the link or omitting the column for Photograph Field and Field Value.

We have created new table in sql server that will going to be used in ArcGis 9.3. We are having problem on data type blob for image. We cannot display the image in ArcView from Photograph field which is the data type that have shown in ArcCatalog is blob.

Here is the code for creating table and inserting image in SQL 2008:

Create table Sample1(
Id_no int identity (1,1) Not null,
OutletCde nvarchar(255) null,
Outletname nvarchar(255) null,
OutleType nvarchar(255) NULL,
Latitude float null,
longitude float null,
easting float null,
northing float null,
Photograph image null

Insert into Sample1 (OutletCde,Outletname,OutleType,Latitude,longitude,easting,northing,Photograph)
Values ( '17400001254','Ramon Store','sar', '14.464367','120.980926','282363.878','1600042.096', 0xFFFFFFFF)

DECLARE @Pointer_Value varbinary(16)
SELECT @Pointer_Value = TEXTPTR(Photograph)
FROM Sample1
WHERE Id_no = 1
WRITETEXT Sample1.Photograph @Pointer_Value 'C:17400001254.jpg'

I am looking for how to gather picture from database and load it into pop up window that has data set from tables.I publish the picture in IIS so I can changed the directory location of picture within field Photo of SQL database.I attached a sample output that we want to get from our SQL server.Here i have done this output from excel table.

We hope you can help us asap!! Thanks

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