Computer Mouse theft Security

hello everyone ... i am new here but hope you all will help me ..
well friends i want to design a computer mouse theft security system for my final year college project ..
i have thought about an idea of
1. Sounding a beep in the computer when windows is running on it and if some one removes the mouse from that computer . This program i can make easily but i have trouble in catching the thief if the computer is switched off ... however i have thought about it and came across an idea:

i have thought about attaching the mouse to a burglar alarm system:

2. I want connect the mouse to a push button U.S.B. hub before connecting it to the computer system ... and in that push button USB hub i want do design a circuit through which if the mouse is connected ... i .e. if the button is in the pushed state ... a current sent from a one end through a wire could be received at the
other end of the burglar
and if the mouse is removed i.e the push button is in un-pushed state then the current sent from one end to that USB hub cudnt be recieved back at the burglar alarm .. and then a buzzer could be sounded through that alarm

well friends ... i dont have any knowledge of how to design such a usb hub .. and will really appreciate if any one of u could help me .. or just provide me some guidance of what to do
i hope you all will help me ... my fingers are crossed .. really eager to listen something positive through this forum
Thanks a lot ..
and all the best:)
Keep Smiling!!!


  • The first thing that comes to mind would be an RFID chips installed on the inside of the mouse and then an alarm system at the door. Its cheap, easy, and most of the research has already been done. The reason I would go this route is because then it wouldnt be dependent on if its a mouse and if its connected by USB, and if you did it right, you could give each chip a different id and then also take account of the number of mice, keyboards, ect in the room

    but the two ways that you mentioned are possible. The problem with #1 is the computer must be on

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