looking for 3D game programmers (C++)

In college? Bored when you come home in the evenings? Bored at work cuz they never give you enough to do? Like games and programming?

Then we might be a match for you. We're an up-and-coming game development house with several years of experience developing a text-only massively multiplayer gaming environment that's leagues ahead of other games of its sort. (http://www.nebula2130.com) We're looking to move beyond that to a fully-3D experience!

We might be insane, but we're looking for visionaries, not code-for-money professionals. Our existing team of 6 people work in their spare time to produce a game because they love it and believe in its future success. If that's not for you, we totally understand -- there are plenty of high-paying salaries out there writing database code and web-applications. But if you've been trying to get your foot in the door of the gaming industry and no one will hire you because you don't have experience in the gaming industry (love that catch-22!), then maybe this is the avenue for you.

After all, Doom was built by a handful of programmers in a friend's basement. Blair Witch Project was filmed by a couple of college students with a fistful of maxed-out credit cards. Jon Romero now owns a ferrari and a hummer and his own company. Blair Witch broke records in ticket sales.

Help us make something new that breaks through the consistent crap that the game industry keeps pumping out.


[email protected]



  • Hi,
    I am a sound artist who is looking to join a team of programmers to work on the sound effects and soundscapes of pc games. email me [email protected] if you are interested.

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