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linking errors

madafandymadafandy Member Posts: 3


  • AsmGuru62AsmGuru62 Member Posts: 6,519
    [color=Blue]You created a project for managed C++, you need a simple Console Application project.

    File -> New -> Project ... and there pick up a Win32 console project.[/color]
  • madafandymadafandy Member Posts: 3
    i picked up windows forms application didnot it
    good enough .is win32 console application
    working on windows? i am sorry it is my first
    i need your help please.
    thanks alot,
  • AsmGuru62AsmGuru62 Member Posts: 6,519
    [color=Blue]"Windows Forms" application is most likely C# code or managed C++ code if you selected CLR project type. "Win32 Console" is exactly what you need if you have "int main (int argc, char* argv[])".[/color]
  • madafandymadafandy Member Posts: 3
    thanks alot i will try it now ;
    but win32 console run on windows or dos.
    please donot angry my programming skills
    still so little
    to be honest
    i think it run on dos

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