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lost in my seach of what i want to do in the computer field career ...

jmtjmt Member Posts: 4
guys i am going no where in life at the moment but i stopped going to my local college will go back in the summer but am not really sure what field to go in in the computer world. I enjoy everything about computers from learning to build them, to learn how to program from scratch but i am not sure in what direction to go can you guys help me?! i am starting to learn a little bit of C programming and ruby. thanks i live in miami! by the way.


  • DaiMitnickDaiMitnick Member Posts: 77
    Hi jmt, all I can say to you is, get a broad knowledge now, while you can, like you said about building computers, learn all about hardware, learn basics of networking and basics of a few other things (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, VOIP etc.), then choose a language to specialise in, I'd recommend C#.NET as it's very functional and versatile, learn a bit of SQL and you can be a database programmer, or learn OpenGL/DirectX and you can be a games developer. If you're more interested in web design, I recommend ASP.NET. Dai,
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  • jmtjmt Member Posts: 4
    thanks alot but am not in to games nor making them and for webdesign either. but i will check out the other stuff you recommended thanks alot
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