What program should i make?

im bored and i like pascal. i was wondering if any of you guys could give me an idea of a program to make? not too easy and not too hard. iv already done the one where you enter in 10 numbers and it tells you the largest, smallest and so on. the program needs to use crt because thats all iv learnt so far. looking forward to replies :)


  • Count the number of characters, words and sentences in a text file. Characters are to be limited to alphabetic only, of either case. A word is defined as any run of characters followed by a space, period, exclamation point or question mark. The number of sentences is equal to the number of periods, exclamation points and question marks. Output the number of sentences, words per sentence, and characters per word.

  • Given a Tic-Tac-Toe game, i.e., a 3x3 matrix of 0,X and blanks, write a program which tells if 0 wins, X wins, stalemate or game-not-over.

  • Given an array [1 .. 5, 1 .. 5] of ['A' .. 'X', BLANK]

    1. Write a program that fills the array with elements of the subject set, each member of the subject set is to appear exactly once in the array.

    2. Modify the program so that, after initialization, the user can hit any key in the range 'A' .. 'X', causing the positions of that element to be exchanged with the BLANK.

    3. Modify the program so that the above selection is limited to those positions that are immediately above, below, left or right of the BLANK.

    4. Having done the above you now have a puzzle whose object is to arrange all the letters in alphabetical order with the BLANK in the lower right position. However, not all beginning permutations are solvable. Remedy this by modifying the program so that it starts with a solved puzzle and randomly works backward N moves to produce a solvable puzzle.

  • Write a program to convert a long file name to its short counterpart, as defined by Microsoft.

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