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How to use generic abstract class as return type ?

kkris1983kkris1983 Member Posts: 2
Hi there!

I have something like this:

abstract class BaseClass
protected BaseClass(){}

class Class1 : BaseClass
public static Class1 Instance = new Class1();
private Class1(){}

class Class2 : BaseClass
public static Class2 Instance = new Class2();
private Class2(){}

public BaseClass Method(int z) where T: BaseClass
case 1:
return Class1.Instance;
case 2:
return Class2.Instance;

That is very important that those classes cannot be instantiated since their construstors are private so we cannot do like

[code]public BaseClass Method(int z) where T: BaseClass, **new()**[/code]

The problem arises that I cannot in switch clause return those Class1.Instance because it says "cannot convert Class1 to return type BaseClass" How can I use abstract class as return type ?? I just can not work this out. Would appreciate for any assisstance here.

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