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Java client times out on connect

hondaPiyushhondaPiyush Member Posts: 1
Hi All

I have written a simple Java program that makes use of sockets to connect to a server (running on Linux in VMware) on the same computer.
If I use the same program directly on the Linux machine where the server is running, it is easily able to connect to the server.

However, when I run it from Windows Vista, it times out while trying to connect. The stack-trace of the exception is as follows:
[color=Red] Connection timed out: connect
at Method)[/color]

I am using the following piece of code to connect to the server:
[color=Blue]socketFd = new Socket("", 3490);[/color]

The Windows firewall is already turned off. It is my home-PC where I am trying to do all the stuff.

Please help me out with this weird problem.

Thanks and Regards,

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