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Bigener help needed to understand the basic

libra900libra900 Member Posts: 5
hi friends,
i have done programming 4 years back and completely out of touch in last four year now i started again and i m learning php as self learner before that i never read this language so its completely new for me.i have done java so concept is not new for me.

my problem i have just tried one code through book which i m unable to understand how php processor is interpreting it here is code i coded from book

$my_answer="41 is the answer to the prolem"
print("the anser is ....");
function checknum($arg)
{echo("this is from inside the function.$arg");}

[color=Red]and Here is the out put i got[/color]

" [color=Green]the anser is ....string(35) "41 is the answer to the prolemRajiv" this is from inside the function.41 is the answer to the prolemRajiv [/color]"

could anyone help me to understand how i m getting string(35) eventhough i havent coded anything related to string(35) ?

i hope you will help me.
thanks for your time.


  • masud60masud60 Member Posts: 6
    [b]void var_dump ( mixed $expression [, mixed $expression [, $... ]] )
    This function displays structured information about one or more expressions that includes its type and value.[/b]

    $my_answer="41 is the answer to the prolem".Rajiv; [blue]// [red]1-[/red] the value is
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