Rotating an image and placing it on a graphics surface

I would like to know how it is possible to rotate a bmp.
What I want to do is load an image, rotate it, then draw the rotated image onto an existing graphics g object. I do not want the graphics object rotated as I have drawn other things onto it before hand that must not be rotated. I have seen some example code where you load the image into a bmp object, rotate it (whereby the graphics object is rotated rather than the bmp only) and then the bmp drawn into the graphics object.

The image is an aircraft from a top down view, and I want to rotate the aircraft image, and the result of the rotation of the image ONLY is then drawn onto a graphics surface. Before hand, there are things drawn onto the graphics surface that must NOT be affected by the rotation.

Would I need a separate graphics object, and then merge the two together perhaps? if so, how is this done? could anyone give me some c# sample code to illustrate this solution?

Thanks for your help!
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