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loading native dll's

SpaceMan1234SpaceMan1234 Member Posts: 5
I am loading a native dll, i.e. a dll created using native code. My development environment is VC++ .Net 2.0, managed code.

The code is as follows,
The function signature in the dll is:
[color=Blue]int CalculateKey(BYTE *seed, int seedLength, BYTE *key, int keyLength);[/color]

the delegate declaration in my code is:

[color=Green]delegate int CalculateKey(int * seed, int seedLength,int * key, int keyLength);[/color]

the code for loading of the dll and using its function:

[color=Purple]OpenFileDialog ^ of = gcnew OpenFileDialog();

IntPtr hExe = LoadLibrary(of->FileName);
if (hExe.ToInt32() == 0)
MessageBox::Show("Cannot open " + of->FileName);

GCHandle ^ gch = GCHandle::Alloc(of->FileName,GCHandleType::Pinned); //convert object to handle
IntPtr hProc = GetProcAddress(hExe,"CalculateKey");
if(hProc.ToInt32() == 0)
MessageBox::Show("Not Found");

CalculateKey ^ ObjCalcFunc = (CalculateKey ^)Marshal::GetDelegateForFunctionPointer(hExe,CalculateKey::typeid);

array ^ uSeed = gcnew array{1,2,3,4};
array ^ uKey = gcnew array(4);
pin_ptr pinptrp = &uSeed[0];
pin_ptr pinptrp1 = &uKey[0];
int * ppp = reinterpret_cast(pinptrp);
int * ppp1 = reinterpret_cast(pinptrp1);[/color]

With the above code i am facing the exception when the ObjCalcFunc is called as

"An unhandled exception of type 'System.AccessViolationException' occurred in tesbed.exe

Additional information: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt."[/color][/size]

Now i have searched various sites for finding a solution to this, but haven't succeeded yet. Please let me know the solution.
Thanks in advance.
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