help: turbo c program about todays date and tomorrow's, how?

PROBLEM: [b]Write a program that prompts the user for today's date and calculates tomorrow's date. Then it must display both dates of today and tomorrow.[/b]

here's my code. the problem is, i don't know how to really make codes about this. it did run but the dates were not exact,i mean it gives error numbers. could you help?And please, put some /*NOTES*/ huh? Thanks..


struct date{
int month, day, year;
int todays_date;
struct date dates[10];
int i;

printf("Please enter the date today(dd:mm:yy)");
printf("The date today is: %d",todays_date);
printf("Tomorrow's date is: %d:%d:%d",&dates[i].month,&dates[i].day,&dates[i].year);



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