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Looking for Java programmer for ORPG

I am currently looking for a capable java programmer/coder to help build off of a base java engine (client/server). I have worked on previous projects, and I want to take the jump to a custom engine. Thus being the problem that my programming/coding skills are weak, on the other hand I am very good with gfx, mapping, pixeling, etc, etc. I have already created 90% of the GUI for the project, I will be using breeze tiles etc, which I have full permission to use. I have taken breeze to a new level by pixeling with my friend (Hikaru) fully new hair and eye designs and colors, which a player would be able to pick upon creating their character. I also have all of the item gfx sorted. In my "Career" I have created SkyQuest which is still under finishing development by a few of my friends, on that project I had mapped over 400 maps. If you want to see my skill, check out these links.

SkyQuest - I created 95% of this game, and it is now being finished up by some friends. -

Here also is an old GUI I had pixeled from scratch (concept GUI, never a real project) -

Here is another project of my friends which I had pixeled all of the GFX by hand. (go to the TD page) -

(If you had noticed SkyQuest was/is being made on XW, I honestly hate that engine with all of my being for many reasons, It is incredibly limited.. etc etc.)

This project will be very successful if there is a Java programmer/coder out there that is as determined as I am to produce an amazing game which people will respect.

If anyone has any questions for me please post here, pm me. or contact me via aim.

Aim - Skywalkr90

Sneak Peeks -

Possible Banner -

Random Character Creation Window -

(I am aware that the one forum is down, there is not much I can do about that, but if you contact me I can show you everything.)


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