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8086, hex to decimal program

Hi im trying to make a program to the following specifications:

0) initialise a temporary numerical value to 00H, base value to 10H and count value to 00H
1) Read in a character
2) Apply series of checks against


  • fangxifangxi Member Posts: 13
    for decimal to hex you can just divide your number by 16 until it is 0, the remainder is the value of hex
    ex: our decimal is 32
    32/16 = 2 R 0
    2/ 16 = 0 R 2
    0/16 = 0 R 0

    your hex is 020
    the general format is base * digit ^ n-1 (n is the the position ones digits= 1 , tens digit = 2...etc)

    which you can use to check your conversion

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