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Nit picking question about enum and default value.

In other languages I have used the default value for an enum is the first value.

enum displayType : byte

struct Points
public int x;
public int y;
public displayType dsp;
-----Main porgram-----------
Points pts = new Points();
int i = (int) dsp;
Console.WriteLine("Point 1: {0}", i);
Results in a value of '0';

Question 1: What is the C# definition of the default value for a enum type?

Question 2: Should the default constructor set dsp= 0xa on creation? If so it is a bug in Visual C# 2008 express ,and I will file it. Or is the default value derived from the base type of enum in this case 'BYTE'. In which case the Visual C# is correct and the C# eBook just needs a description of how the default values are defined for enum.

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