Re: There doesn't seem to be GNU file in the bin path


After installing DEV-cpp Version in xp. I tried to open the tool for programming am getting this warning and am not able to compile the program.

There doesn't seem to be GNU Make file in PATH or in Dev-C++'s Bin path. Please make sure that you have GNU Make and adjust Bin setting or system PATH environment variable and that make setting in Compiler Option contains correct filename, otherwise you will nor be able to compile anything."

Please help me.



  • make is a program which takes in a script containing a list of .c files, calls the compiler on them, then calls the linker to link them together.
    It can also do rather more sophisticated things like linking to modules written in other lanaguages, or updating binaries according to dependencies.

    Get a command shell and type "make". If you get a "no such command" type response, make is not in your path. So you need to find make.exe / make.bat on your system, and add a path to it.
    Ypu might need to to a bit more fiddling to get the IDE to recognise the make path.
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