How to make a menu with 3 programs in TASM

hello. this is my first post here in this site.

i have a project to be pass on the 8th of april.
i would like to know how to make a menu using TASM.
the 3 programs are running and im done already with it, but the problem is i dont know where will i put these codes and the 3 programs.

cmp al, '1'
je prog1
cmp al, '2'
je prog2
cmp al, '3'
je prog3

i dont know if those codes are accurate.

the menu looks like this:

1. Display Programmer's Name
2. Display all ASCII characters
3. Enter Password
if your password is correct "Access Granted"
if not " Password Denied"

thanks in advanced. here's my email address.
im only online once in a while. thanks again.

[email protected]

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