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discrete bayes algorithm

nik812nik812 Member Posts: 1

below is the code for discrete bayes function and when i try to load dataset with more than 2 rows of data, it shows an error saying that the features are not discrete?...any idea??..plz let me know...thank u

function D = Discrete_Bayes(feat_train, tar_train, cost, region, feat_test)

if (sum(sum(feat_train*10~=floor(feat_train*10))) ~= 0),
error('Features are not discrete (See the definition of discrete in the m-file)')

p0 = length(find(tar_train==0))/length(tar_train);

%Find how the features are distributed
N = 0;
unique_features = [];
counts = [];
for i = 1:size(feat_train,2),
data = feat_train(:,i);
indices = find(sum((data*ones(1,size(feat_train,2))-feat_train).^2)==0);
if isempty(unique_features),
unique_features(:,1) = data;
counts(1,1) = length(find(tar_train(indices) == 0));
counts(2,1) = length(find(tar_train(indices) == 1));
N = 2;
if isempty(find(sum((data*ones(1,size(unique_features,2))-unique_features).^2)==0)),
%Add this feature to the bank
unique_features(:,N) = data;
counts(1,N) = length(find(tar_train(indices) == 0));
counts(2,N) = length(find(tar_train(indices) == 1));
N = N + 1;

Px_given_w = (counts ./ (ones(2,1)* sum(counts)));

Pw_given_x = Px_given_w .* ([p0;1-p0]*ones(1,N-1));
Pw_given_x = Pw_given_x ./ (ones(2,1)*sum(Pw_given_x));

unique_targets = Pw_given_x(2,:) > Pw_given_x(1,:);

D = k_nearest_neighbor(unique_features,unique_targets,1,region);



  • giuggiug Member Posts: 217
    It gives this error because this condition (first row of your function) is satisfied:
    if (sum(sum(feat_train*10~=floor(feat_train*10))) ~= 0),
    error('Features are not discrete (See the definition of discrete in the m-file)')

    This means that in your feat_train matrix there are values with more than one numbers after the point.
    So, 0.2 is admitted, 0.23 is not admitted and gives the error.
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