InValidateRect not working as expected- Please Help !

am drawing 2 small square BMP images ( Image1 and Image2) on the screen via the [b]BitBlt[/b][italic][/italic] API and it works fine.

However, when i try erasing Image1 using the [b]InValidateRect[/b][italic][/italic][color=Red][/color] API by passing the exact Rect value of Image1 the entire screen gets redrawn and Image2 is erased too not just Image1 like I want.


[code]Dim R As RECT

R.Left = Image1.Left
R.Top = Image1.Top
R.Right = Image1.Right
R.Bottom = Image1.Bottom

InvalidateRect 0, R, True [color=Green]'Not working - Redraws the entire screen[/color][/code]
How can i redraw a specific RECT via the [b]InValidateRect[/b][italic][/italic] API ?

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