current sink and source

I am having problems modelling an input and output current source. This is my code at the moment:

xSamp = .1;
ySamp = .1;
[X, Y] = meshgrid(0:xSamp:10,0:ySamp:10);
IIn = [min(min(X)) min(min(Y))]';
IOut = [max(max(X)) max(max(Y))]';
I = 10;

Which obviously has I = 10 at both Iin and Iout. I need to have the current at Iout to be equal and opposite to that at Iin. I was thinking of maybe trying to model them as wells, but i think that gets into fluid flow problems.

I also need to place an equipotential boundary at the edges of my plane (which here runs from 0 to 10 in both the x and y directions).

Again, my knowledge of Matlab is very basic, which i guess is painfully obvious from my questions, so if i am asking stupid questions please just humour me.

Cheers for your time (again)


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