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Which platform?

abitw2abitw2 Member Posts: 4

I'm getting back into application development after many, many years away.

My new application will:

1) Web based

2) Manage user registration and accounts [with security captcha code etc.]

3) Take money by either PayPal or credit card

4) User will upload a pdf file

5) My app will read the pdf and add the data to a database

6) My app will access this data, process it and create 2 reports: html shown in the browser & pdf downloadable version

7) Security: I don't want people to hack into the data and/or steal my application.

What platform should I use? .NET?

If so: Would the new 2008 studio fit my needs?

Any suggestions/tips/tools/controls that would solve my other needs and slash my developing time?

General background:

I'm quite comfortable with .Net [Delphi 7] and Access VBA.

However, D7 is so buggy and the support is so poor, that I really need to find another platform.

I literally live on a mountain in Taiwan, so I really have no one to ask.


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