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Looking to hire someone to write a small C++ program.

TruZyTruZy Member Posts: 6
The program doesn't seem very complicated, but I just have no time between my job and finals. If it goes well, I would like to hire you again to write another one, the next one is harder, but I will pay more. Prices are negotiable. This program has to do with reading in prefix equations from a file, and solving them (i.e. +31 = 4). Anyone interested?


  • baccardibaccardi Member Posts: 5
    check pm
  • TruZyTruZy Member Posts: 6
    I just emailed you
  • baccardibaccardi Member Posts: 5
    haven't received your email yet.
  • TruZyTruZy Member Posts: 6
    Did you type your email correctly in the PM? I just gotta status delivery delay email.
  • baccardibaccardi Member Posts: 5
    yea, i checked it. Try this one: [email protected]
  • TruZyTruZy Member Posts: 6
    OK, I just sent it
  • ADNAN420ADNAN420 Member Posts: 3

    My name is adnan zamir my brother in-law is very talented programmer, he is a graduate with a lot of experience in the programming field but he is not a UK citizen. I
  • SachinSoniSachinSoni Member Posts: 36
    I am interested to do this work.
    I am used to this type of works cause we have done this type of work and I also teaching C++,VB,VB.Net,PHP and others and can do easily. if you are interested then mail me with full details on [b][email protected][/b]
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