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How to attach Automation using word

CarlettoCarletto Member Posts: 1
Dear all

I have written a vba code to open a word document and to attach some informations to this document like (date: and to:) I have saved this vba code in a new modules that I called (modstandar).

the code is working properly, if I go through it with F8 it open the word document. also it puts the date and the name of the person where this letter or document go.

My problem is that I do not know How I can attached this code to a form and open the word document and automaticaly insert the (date: 21/04/2009, To: Carlo, Text: this is a memo)

This is the code:

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit
Private objWord As Object
Private blOpenedWord As Boolean

Public Function OpenWord()
On Error GoTo Err_OpenWord
Set objWord = GetObject(, "Word.Application")
objWord.Application.Visible = True
Exit Function

If Err = 429 Then 'word is not running
Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
blOpenedWord = True
Resume Next

MsgBox "Error no. " & Err.Number
Resume Exit_OpenWord
End If
End Function

Public Function OpenNewWordDoc()

' Uses OpenWord function to open Word
' Opens new blank document

On Error GoTo Err_OpenNewWordDoc

Dim docWord As Word.Document

Set docWord = objWord.Documents.Add

' Insert text into the Word document

objWord.Selection.TypeText "This document was created automatically by Access"
objWord.Selection.TypeText "It will now be closed and saved"

Set docWord = Nothing

If blOpenedWord = True Then
End If

Set objWord = Nothing

Exit Function
MsgBox "Error no. " & Err.Number
Resume Exit_OpenNewWordDoc

End Function

Public Function OpenWordDoc()
On Error GoTo Err_OpenWordDoc
Dim fname As String
Dim docWord As Word.Document
' file name needs to include path
' if file to open is in same folder as database can use Path attribute of current project
fname = CurrentProject.Path & "empMemo.doc"
Set docWord = objWord.Documents.Open(fname)

Exit Function
MsgBox "Error no. " & Err.Number
Resume Exit_OpenWordDoc

End Function

Public Function CreateWordMemo()
' Open memo in Word and insert text
On Error GoTo CreateWordMemo_Error
Dim dbs As Database
Dim rstEmployees As Recordset
Dim appWord As Word.Application
Dim docWord As Word.Document
Dim fname As String
Dim strDate As String
strDate = Date 'assign date to string variable so we can print it
OpenWord ' use function to open Word
'Open recordset based on employee name query
Set dbs = CurrentDb()
Set rstEmployees = dbs.OpenRecordset("qryEmpFullName")
' open the memo document
' assume memo document in same folder as database
fname = CurrentProject.Path & "empMemo.doc"

Set docWord = objWord.Documents.Open(fname)
objWord.Visible = True
With objWord
.Selection.Goto wdGoToBookmark, Name:="DateToday" 'move to date bookmark
.Selection.TypeText " " & strDate 'insert date
.Selection.Goto wdGoToBookmark, Name:="MemoToLine" 'move to memo line bookmark
End With
'Loop through recordset returned by query, inserting name of each employee
Do Until rstEmployees.EOF
objWord.Selection.TypeText rstEmployees!Employee & ", "
'reset variables to nothing and free up memory for other processes
Set rstEmployees = Nothing
Set dbs = Nothing
Set docWord = Nothing
Set objWord = Nothing
Exit Function
CreateWordMemo_Error: 'error trapping routine
MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_CreateWordMemo

End Function

I have made a form and I have added a command button.

What I should now to make it works.

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