can u help with PCM Coding

here is my assignment for matlab but im not getting from where exactly i should start...can anyone guide me for programming this....

Submission Date: 05 May, 2009 - Saturday

Pulse Code Modulation

In PCM, an analog signal is first sampled at a rate higher than the Nyquist rate, and then
the samples are quantized. It is assumed that the analog signal is distributed on an interval
denoted by [-xmax, xmax] and the number of quantization levels is large.


(a) Generate a sinusoidal signal with amplitude 1 and w = 1. Using a uniform PCM
scheme, quantize it once to 8 levels and once to 16 levels. Plot the original signal and the
quantized signals on the same axis. Compare the resulting SQNR in the two cases.

(b) Generate a sequence of length 500 of zero-mean, unit-variance Gaussian random
variables. Find the resulting SQNR when the number of quantization levels is 64. Find
the first five values of the sequence, the corresponding quantized values, and the
corresponding codewords.

(c) Plot the quantization error, defined as the difference between the input value and the
quantized value. Also plot the quantized value as a function of the input value.


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