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Newbi, trying to learn PHP but can't get past Apache

Garrett85Garrett85 Member Posts: 168
I'M trying to learn PHP but I can't seem to get past the setting up of MySQL and Apache. I am using the book "PHP, MySQL and Apache All in ONE". This is ridicules, once I edited the file httpd.conf in my text editor, the books now tells me to add my PHP directory to my Windows PATH. But it doesn't bother to tell me what that means or how to do that. Keep in mind I am familiar with file paths and directories. Please help someone, anyone.


  • anthrax11anthrax11 Member Posts: 511
    Find out your PHP directory (where you have php.exe), it should be something like "C:Program FilesPHP".
    Now go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables and append that directory to the user variable PATH. Don't forget to add the semicolon.
  • Garrett85Garrett85 Member Posts: 168
    Thanks, I hope I got it right.
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