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Synchronizing TCPServer with main thread

TataL_LoRTataL_LoR Member Posts: 13
Hi guys!

I'm building a server app that collects data from many clients (CPU loads) using Indy components (TIdTCPServer and TIdTCPClient). The server should periodically issue a REPORT command to each client and receive a LOAD X response.

I've set up the client app to create the TCPClient in a TThread descendant and after connecting to the server it just waits to receive a REPORT command, at which point the client answers with 'LOAD X', where X is an integer.

s := TCPClientInsideThread.IOHandler.ReadLn;
if ( s = 'REPORT' ) then TCPClientInsideThread.IOHandler.WriteLn('LOAD ' + IntToStr(GetLoads.CPULoad));
until s = 'DISCONNECT';

On the server side, I don't know how to synchronize the server-client connection with the main thread and I don't know where to issue the REPORT command.

I tried putting it in the OnExecute handler (using a relatively small timeout value to achieve repetition), but when more than one clients were connected, I started getting access violations.
I tried putting it in the OnTimer handler of a TTimer, where I cycled through each connection and sent a REPORT request, but that made the server hang after a few requests to even one client and then got access violations

When and where should I issue the REPORT command on the server? How should I collect the response from the client? How do I put the response in the main thread of the server?

Could someone please help out with ideas, if not code?

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