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Format String Problem On Fedora 9

arunpanakkalarunpanakkal Member Posts: 1
hi ,
I am trying to write some value to 0x08049818 which is under GOT section and contains address of Printf fuction. I tried command like
./myprogram x18x98x04x08%143$n'
according to the books i have reffered it should write value from stack to my address (0x08049818)
but i am getting and error message stating
"segmentation fault"

the C Program which i am using is a sample from a hacking book
here is its source
int main( int argc, char *argv[] )

if( argc != 2 )
printf("Error - supply a format string please
return 1;

printf( argv[1] );
printf( "
" );
return 0;
i am using Fedora core 9
could you tell me how to solve this problem
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