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Keyboard Hook issue

jm baronejm barone Member Posts: 2

This post is actually pertaining to Windows 7, but no rubric yet !
I am the author of a Currency Conversion software, Euromatic 3.1, and it appears to be buggy with windows 7 RC (32 bits).
Basically, I use [italic]SetWindowsHookEx[/italic] function to filter keyboard entries, and translate the amounts keyed in to whatever currency, under any running applications.
It was working fine with windows XP/Vista, but windows 7 is more troublesome.
When entering an amount in IE8, a text box for example, the Hook function become disabled.
Can someone gives me a clue ? Source code of my soft can be found on [italic] Source[/italic]
I thought the problem could stem from DEP/NX new feature, but it's not the case.
I surmise IE8 is using a Keyboard Hook as well, but is not calling CallNextHookEx eventually.
Thanks for your Help
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