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Word automation using C#

kaushaldotnetkaushaldotnet Member Posts: 1

I want to create word document using c#,now i did the task to create simple word document using word DLL.

now my requirement is to make more automation on created word document through c# code,required automation as describe below...

-> Define header and footer,footer contains page number,while header contains some text but i need that header change on odd and even pages,which is property of word "Different Odd & Event Pages".

-> define the fix page size,and need to define margin from 4 different side.

so please help me to short out my requirements.




  • PsightoplazmPsightoplazm Member Posts: 332 ✭✭
    I know this forum doesn't see too much love and I am not familiar with what you are trying to do - you might try posting this on one of the other forums like "Windows Programming" or something like that.
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