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Process Info - Characters not in code pages

polydegmonpolydegmon Member Posts: 3
I'm trying to create a funtion, that can get all the system info from a given process id and return it to a variable.

I invoke the base windows classes to get the neccessary info, by taking a snap shot and than using the process handle to get all the info needed. I pass the info back to the calling function using the LPWSTR datatype, into a string envVars = new StringBuilder(8192 * 2);
I then use the ToString method on the returned value to convert it for compares.

The problem is that all of the info isn't in the string, when i open it in textpad it says that certain characters don't exist in the code page 1252, and it displays these as a '?'

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this issue?
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