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putting a team together for MMORPG

Are you a programmer or artist looking for something to do in your spare time? Bored of all the regular MMORPG games out there already? Then keep reading. I am trying to get a team together to make an MMORPG I thought up. I have already almost finished the outline of the basic storyline, which players will actually be able to choose a side of good or bad, and have done outlines for the different classes/races. The outline for the UI is also completed and I have made a list of basic items and how I want everything to look and run. I have also made the equation for damage ration versus armor level. All i need are programmers and artists to make this MMORPG possible. I personally dont know the programming part I only know some visual studio programing. and I suck at art but with a good team I think we can make this MMORPG and eventually have people pay to play. If you are interested and would like more information email me at [email protected] and make the subject MMORPG so I know its not just spam and delete it.
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