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Import Excel File into Oracle DB using C#

peterstonepeterstone Member Posts: 1
Hi All,

I am a complete newbie to C# and a small amount of programming experience.

I need to create an application that imports the data from an excel file into a table in an oracle database. Can somebody assist me with the following (or give some links) -

1. Connection string to the oracle DB
2. Importing the data from the excel file into the DB.

Many thanks for your assistance

PS - please remember I am a complete newbie to C#


  • PsightoplazmPsightoplazm Member Posts: 332 ✭✭
    Best site ever for connection strings

    As for gathering info from the excel file - you can actually connect to an excel file using an ODBC connector as if it was a database. I haven't looked for it - but I'm sure that connection string will be on the above mentioned site as well.
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