Linux Distro Project


I am looking for programmers who would be interested in working on a linux distro project. The initial project plan has been written out and be read below at the following address.


The purpose of this project is to create a distro of Linux that incorporates many of the best of features of numerous distro's under one but most importantly this distro will be aimed at bringing in Windows power users. The initial project plan sets up the ground work for the project. The project's managers would continously do research and keep in communication with all supporters, providers, etc in order to ensure the maximum help is provided. This distro would significantly drive additional users to use Linux. This distro would combine the best features of all distro's under one name allowing for very flexible use from basic users to power users to expert users.


There is also communication going on (utilizing corporate communications) between major manufacturer's of computer hardware such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Linksys, Netgear and so forth in providing support for Linux based drivers. In addition there are several companies that would be interested in the proposed distro's and have promised to donate if the distro meets the needs.

[b]Project Plan[/b]



IRC: #jigle


silver [at]
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