Voice Enabled Home Automation

Dear all Expert,

I am a Electrical student working on a project of Voice Enabled Home Automation. As this is a school project, my professor therefore disallow me to use any existing software/hardware readily available in the market for Home Automation.

I therefore had to start everything from scrape. Regarding the Hardware side, i will use a RF600D/E chip to control the Home applicances (e.g. lighting switch, power point, curtain drawer)

As for the software side, I therefore need the help of your expertist. I need to write a C++ program using Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 to control my RF chipset preferably using the computer Parallel port (no other circuit needed to interface to my RF chipset).

E.g. When i voice out "Turn On Living Room Light", Parallel port pin 1 will turn on and off (Just a 50ms to 100ms of on time will do). The parallel port will be connected to my RF chipset input control which will in turns control my RF switch at remote end.

I am seeking for help to start the source code writing for my program as i had limited knowledge to software programming. Does anyone has source code written for Voice control using SDK 5.1 that control the parallel port? Can anyone pls provide me a sample code to start with? Thanks a lot for anyone help. Have a nice day ahead.
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