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MySQL Insert and VB6

samuelmoneillsamuelmoneill Member Posts: 14

I am currently using the VB6 statement

MySQLQuery("INSERT INTO clients VALUES ('" & vbvar1 & "', '" & vbvar2 & "', '" & vbvar3 &"')")

to insert records into my mysql database which worked fine until I needed to add an auto_increment value to my client table.

In mysql the auto increment syntax is

INSERT INTO `clients` (`column1`,`column2`,`column3`) VALUES ('Tom', 'Dick', 'Harry');

I would guess that this converts to vb in the following way
MySQLQuery("INSERT INTO '`clients`' ('`column1`','`column2`','`column3`') VALUES ('" & vbvar1 & "','" & vbvar2 & "','" & vbvar3 & "')")
but it does not.

Does anyone have any ideas.

Sorry if my explanation is a little confusing.
I created the MySQLQuery() function myself and it works fine. The issue I am having is representing MySQL column and table names in vb.


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