ANN: Unit testing framework cfix 1.4 released


a new version of cfix, the open source unit testing framework for
user and kernel mode C and C++, has been released. cfix 1.4, in addition to the existing feature of allowing test runs to be restricted to specific fixtures, now also allows single testcases to be run in isolation, which can be a great aid in debugging. Besides other minor fixes, the cfix API has been slightly enhanced and cfix now degrades more gracefully in case of dbghelp-issues.

Updated cfix binaries and source code are available on:

As a major step forward, *cfix studio* has now entered public beta. cfix studio, built on top of cfix 1.4, is an *AddIn for Visual Studio
2005/2008* that adds C/C++ unit testing capabilities to the IDE --
including debugger integration, appropriate tool windows and built-in
support for dealing with multiple architectures (32/64 bit).

Check out the free beta release on

Tutorials are available here: (User C++) (User C) (Kernel C)

As always, all kind of feedback is welcome!



  • The Unit Testing Framework supports unit testing in Visual Studio. Use the classes and members in the Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting namespace when you are coding unit tests. You can use them when you have written the unit test from scratch or are refining a unit test that was generated from code you are testing.good article, i really like it. I am doing a bit on research about Unit testing framework and i found also macrotesting to be very good source. Thanks for you article.....
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