How to Duplicate Records in VB6 using ADODB

Hi All, I am slightly new to VB and I am having difficulty on creating a duplicate record and adding as a new record on same table. Here is what i'm looking for as I cannot wrap my head around how to do this.

I have a database with a dozen tables (ie. tblPage1, tblPage2, tblPage3, ..., tblPage13, tblCustomer, tblInspection ...) and I am looking to loop through all tables, and only duplicate 1 particular record (the one thats currently in focus from my combo box) and then add it as a new record.

Note: each column in the tblPage's are different in that one table would have several date and result columns and another tables will have less columns.

I have attached my MS Access database/vb below. The part that i'm working on is frmNewfromExisingInsp and I believe it may have something to do with Recordsetclone...

Thank you in advance for your help!!!



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