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Deleting COM+ Applications

VampireFEVampireFE Member Posts: 36

Is there a way to delete created applications and components from Component Services list?

So far I only know how to do it manually - open dcomcnfg, right-click on the COM+ Application and click delete :) But is there a way I can do it in a program, maybe using command line scripts (ShellExecute function) or maybe there are some other functions for this?

I tried using
[code]regsvr32 /u mydllfile.dll[/code]

But that seems to only remove component of my application, not the whole thing.

I also tried
[code]msiexec -x applicationname.msi[/code]

But I guess that only works for properly installed applications, not the ones that I've added to the list myself.

Any suggestions?
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