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Programming for robotics

Hi, i'm a student about to embark on a project in robotics, I aim to design and construct a simple robot (movement on wheels, simple senses, etc) I have the summer to complete all my reasearch and begin my preliminary designs.

My question is, what is the best programming language to use in the field of robotics?

I hear that both Pyhton and Lisp are good choices, i have experience in Pascal and VB, I have the entire summer and help from experienced teachers to learn this language, any help will be greatly appreciated.



  • anthrax11anthrax11 Member Posts: 511
    Have you already decided what kind of hardware you will be using? I don't think there are facilities for coding in Python or Lisp for most embedded robotics systems, although they are good languages and worth learning.

    C is most often used with microcontrollers, because it has a good balance of speed and useability. Assembly language is used for additional speed and control where needed, but it's hardware-specific and tricky to learn.
  • ashleyjrashleyjr Member Posts: 4
    At present I have no specific hardware choices, would it be worthwhile to seek a system that supports a particular language or would you consider other factors (size, power requirements, etc) more important?

    Also, do you consider this type of project to warrant a minamlistic single board computer or would a custom array of individually programmed microcontrollers be more sensible?

    Cost is also a large issue as the project will be mainly self funded.

  • anthrax11anthrax11 Member Posts: 511
    For simple robots, [link=]PIC and Atmega[/link] microcontrollers are perfect. They cost very little and programming them is easy. There are a lot of variants with a different number of I/O pins and other features. There is sufficient processing power, so there's probably no need to use more than one chip.
  • ashleyjrashleyjr Member Posts: 4
    PIC microcontrollers make sense, I have had previous experience with them before and they are supported at my college which means commendeering some would further cut down on costs.

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