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Hello! I am a beginner programmer. I have a problem with the runtime of one of my applications.

I have a website application that tries to compute for recommended objects to users. The recommended results is based on the user as well as the currently viewed object.

My problem is, I have 500 artworks and almost 30 users. What I do is, for each user, I compute the value for recommendation for EACH artwork. So that means, for 1 object, I compare ALL of the other objects to it. Then after the computation, I store it in the Database. So for each user, I have around 250000 records inside the Database.

Can I have any tips regarding on how to optimize it? Either some changes to the Database model or some changes to the code. I have 3 FOR loops (1 for user, 1 for viewed object, 1 for target objects). I have already tried using UNION ALL, but the INSERT statements doesn't seem to be the case.

Help please!

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